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 Yugo Gas Block Swap-out?
JRBL1A1  [Team Member]
9/13/2007 4:46:55 PM EST
I am buying a Yugo M70 underfolder and I am curious if I can have the front gas block swapped out for a normal gas block, one without the grenade launcher sight and gas port shut off valve (internal)?

I'm not experienced enough with the AK to know the differences well enough... yet.
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walt-oxie1  [Member]
9/13/2007 5:05:53 PM EST
If I am not mistaken I think a Chinese gas block is the same diameter. You can check on pookie's site. He has a chart on there.
mountain_guy  [Member]
9/13/2007 6:08:36 PM EST
Yes the Chinese will fit. The Yugo barrel has larger dimensions than the standard akm.

You can find a Chinese gas block here

These are unvented so you will need to correct that. Also there is no bayonet lug.
JRBL1A1  [Team Member]
9/13/2007 6:50:23 PM EST
Ew. The more I research this project the less I want to do it myself for lack of tools, etc.

Is there anyone who would perform this type of work?

EDIT: I found a few up in the FAQ. but DAMN... the prices oh the prices.
Sidecarnutz  [Member]
9/14/2007 12:59:48 PM EST
I've used Chinese blocks on them twice now for my Tabuk builds. They fit fine.
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