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 (SPF) WTS - variouse types of AK47 / AK74 Muzzle Brakes / Flash Hiders (SPF)
Fantomas  [Team Member]
6/11/2012 11:12:23 PM EDT
Everything is now SPF

I would like to sell the remaining items all together for a super duper reduce price of $55 shipped
I just like these gone since I do not really need them. $55 shipped for all of them is firm and only if they all go to the same person otherwise the price is as listed below - thanks

AK Muzzle Brakes (several types)

WTS AK Muzzle Brakes several different types

I have for Sale a some new and some used AK Muzzle Brakes.

SPF to Voodoo5 -
1.) AK Builder 4 Piece Krinkov Flash Hider 24mm Threads (CODE: H1-41) - $99.95

SPF to Voodoo5 -
1a.) AK Builder 14-1LH to 24mm Thread Adapter (CODE: C7-31) - $9.99

These are all SPF to HarvAK47
2.) AK47/AKM Krinkov Muzzle Brake (Krinkov style threaded AK muzzel brake muzzle brake) - 24mm Threads
(Fits AK-74 AK Bulgarian, 24mm Thread & AK47 With Included 14mm Thread Adapter)
Krinkov Style Muzzle Brake: Weight:4.55 OZ - Length: 3.3" LONG Dark Blues Finish - $49.95

2a.) Adapter reduces from 24mm Thread to 14mm - 1.0 Left Hand this adapter has 4 small set screw so this can used on a non threaded barrel as well once those set screws are put in place (also comes with an allen wrench) - $10.99

3.) Yankee Hill Flash Hider Phantom Aggressive AK-47 with 14-1 Left Hand Threads (YHM-28-AK2) - $34.99
This has been mounted and has some tool marks on it from removing it. It has no rounds through it it was just mounted and removed again from a Romanian AK47.

4.) AMD-65 Muzzle Brake
Original Hungarian AMD-65 muzzle brake. Fits all 14x1mm LH AK rifles this one does show some wear. I am sure it saw some use however I have never mounted it or used it in any way. I got this from APEX Gun Parts - $10.00

5.) TAPCO AK M16 Style Muzzle Brake(14x1mm LH) - SKU: AK0685 - MSRP: $14.99 (taken from TAPCO)

6.) AK-Builder Barrel Nut (14x1mm LH) (CODE: A2-62) - $9.50

7.) AK-Builder / TAPCO Slant Brake (14x1mm LH) (this was welded to my Romanian AK) (CODE: A2-61) - $12.00
These are all SPF to HarvAK47


SPF to Voodoo5 -I am asking $75.00 for Item #1 and #1a - (new)

These are all SPF to HarvAK47

I am asking $45.00 for Item #2 and #2a - (new)
I am asking $30.00 for Item #3 - (used)
I am asking $10.00 for Item #4 - (used)
I am asking $10.00 for Item #5 - (new)
I am asking $6.50 for Item #6 - (used)
I am asking $8.50 for Item #7 - (used)

These are all SPF to HarvAK47
All of these prices will include the shipping via Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation.

I would also sell the rest as a bundle for $75.00 this also includes Shipping and Deliver Confirmation

- Sale price includes shipping , delivery confirmation and Insurance
- I only accept USPS Money Orders and nothing else No PP or Personal Checks please keep this in mind.
- After payment (Money Order) is received I will ship item within 2 days and confirm shipment via Board IM after it shipped.
- No Trades please thank you
- I can be reached via IM - please do not e-mail me

- Please be so kind to post feedback once our transaction is complete I will do the same thing. Feedback is very important thank you

If you have any questions feel free to IM me via the Board

Thank you for looking


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Voodoo5  [Member]
6/12/2012 3:07:31 AM EDT
I am asking $75.00 for Item #1 and #1a - (new)

I will take this set

Fantomas  [Team Member]
6/15/2012 6:15:38 PM EDT

Fantomas  [Team Member]
6/23/2012 7:28:36 PM EDT


HarvAK47  [Member]
6/23/2012 11:35:59 PM EDT
Ill take whats left for $55

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